How to Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently

Our refrigerators are put up with a lot, if you look at it, they are constantly at work – around the hour, without a break – keeping our food items safe to eat. However, we rarely give our refrigerators the same love back. Most people, do not have time to focus or pay attention towards its care due to their busy work or life schedule.

Hence, the negligence. Well, now it’s hot outside, but to make it function smoothly – it should be very cool inside the refrigerator. And to keep it working that way — even as the mercury inside rises & rises— you need to take some measures. Not only for the functioning but also for your energy bill. Yes! Your refrigerator accounts for about 20 percent of your electric bill, which makes it the perfect home appliance to start with.

While keeping your refrigerator functioning optimally, save money on your electricity bill and avoid any extra unexpected repair costs, especially if you have taken the fridge on rent. So, why not keep your food items from spoiling, and just keep your refrigerator running nice and cold?

Here are some tips to follow to keep your refrigerator running efficiently: –

Clean the Refrigerator on a Regular Basis

You must be thinking that you already do this – you often clean the shelves of your refrigerator but no, we are not talking about or telling you to wipe down your refrigerator’s shelves (although that is required and is never a bad idea). What we are actually talking about is the kind of cleaning where you pull the refrigerator away from the wall and clean it thoroughly. Fridges collect dirt and grime over the course of time, so you need to get in and clean that dirt and grime out of the fridge’s coils. Note that for a newer refrigerator, the coils would be across the bottom front, behind a grille. You can dust and vacuum those exposed coils, and clean out the space where the appliance is placed.

Keep Your Refrigerator at a Distant from The Wall

Always keep your refrigerator a few inches away from the wall. If you have the space available in your kitchen area, slide your refrigerator a bit away from the wall. Never keep it closer to the wall because it needs air circulation. Place it in a way so that air can easily circulate behind it. This helps disperse the heat that your refrigerator creates and makes it cooler i.e., function better.

While positioning the refrigerator, make sure it is not placed in direct sunlight or next to any heating source such as the oven or the dishwasher. Keep its distance from other home appliances.

Fill the Refrigerator Up!

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Generally speaking, the more stuff or food that you put in your fridge, the more efficiently or smoothly your refrigerator will run. If the only time your fridge is really full is when there is a celebration or occasion, you can opt for a smarter move and fake it for the rest of the time. How? Well, just fill the bottles with tap water, and place them in where there are excess spaces in your refrigerator. This will trick your refrigerator into running as efficiently as it is possible.

Keep the Refrigerator Closed

Yes, summer is approaching – in fact, it is already so hot and in this dead of summer, you would need a lot of cold water or drinks. Or, who knows, you may sometimes be tempted to just open the fridge’s door and stick your head in it for all that cool air rush around you. But know that that is the worst thing you can possibly do if you want to keep the fridge running well. Just like people don’t open your microwave’s door to warm things up in the winter while baking cookies, you don’t want to open the refrigerator and let all its cold air out and the hot air from the surroundings, especially the kitchen, in.

Cool Things Before Putting them into the Refrigerator

Do not even put hot things in your refrigerator. Because when you put something hot in the refrigerator, that home appliance has to work extra hard to cool that food item down and it further takes extra efforts to regulate the other contents in the fridge. Just make sure not to let your food enter the “danger zone” – which is between temperatures of 40°F and 140°F. Therefore, you are strongly advised to never leave food out at the room temperature for more than two hours. And only 1 hour if it is a hot day.

Don’t Keep the Refrigerator’s Temperature too Cold

The standard recommended temperature for a refrigerator is at or below 40°F and the freezer’s temperature at 0°F. You might think that setting your fridge to the lowest temperature on the coldest setting will keep your food much safer or make the food last longer, but that is not the case. In fact, keeping the fridge’s temperature colder than necessary is not a good idea, rather a bad one. Not only will it shoot up your electric bill, but the refrigerator’s compressor will need to run longer, work harder, to keep the fridge colder, which wears it out much faster. This can further lead to extra costs.

Cover the Food to Reduce Excessive Moisturizer

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It might be tempting and seem much easier to just stash an uncovered bowl of curry, rice or chicken in your fridge quickly, without much effort. But it is not recommended. Make sure to take some extra time to transfer that food to closed containers. Why? Because uncovered food releases moisture into the air and again, this cannot be forced upon enough, has to work extra hard to keep things dry.

So, take care of the free-floating food items in your fridge as they give off moisture because this makes the fridge work even harder. Use airtight containers to hold the leftover food, and store your food correctly in the crisper drawers.

Hope these tips help you keep your refrigerator running efficiently for a longer period of time.

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