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8 Reasons Why Gurgaon Is Called The True Millennium City Of India

The exponential rise of Gurgaon in a short span of time gave it the title of millennium city of India. The small agro-based land has been transformed into a global city in no time. The city has witnessed substantial growth in the economy which has become home to various IT industries, automobiles, and many other multinational companies. The city is the perfect epitome of rugs to raise. Gurugram, also known as Gurgaon, is admired for its excellent infrastructure, glitzy skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle, wider roads, and medical facilities. To enter the Indian market, most of the MNC’s are targeting this prosperous city to operate their business.

Here are the 8 reasons why cyber hub Gurgaon is called true millennium city of India

The pleasant climate and availability of land create favorable opportunities for companies to invest in this city. Also, its tremendous growth has accelerated the economy. This city has witnessed growth in all spheres of development like urbanization.

Physical Features

The physical features of this region are dominating for setting up infrastructure at affordable prices. Leasing is advantageous for startups and well-settled businesses who are looking for affordable space and low-priced furniture for their infrastructure. Gurgaon is a major hub for startups as it provides lucrative destinations for investments.

Luxurious Lifestyle

The agricultural land has transformed into a hyper urban city in a few years. Most multinational companies are setting up their business in this prosperous city. This had led to the development of elite residential areas, huge roads, malls, and medical facilities. All this has affected the lifestyle of people in Gurgaon. Demand for luxurious cars and housing has escalated.

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For those who cannot afford a luxurious lifestyle, a lease is a great choice. Individuals can rent furniture even home appliances at low prices according to their space and capabilities. This provides a chance to enjoy a pleasant life with less expenses.

Immense Infrastructure Growth in Gurgaon

Gurgaon city

In the past few years, Gurgaon has received immense investment for the development of infrastructure, roads, and elite residential areas. Now, Gurgaon is admired for the same. The expansion of infrastructure has captivated massive investment from startups and multinational companies.

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The development of infrastructure has escalated accessibility to investment. This city has rapidly evolved in the development of areas, booming the employment opportunities and commercial development. Gurgaon is mainly known for real estate. So, it provides options for both affordable and luxurious living.

Entertainment Source

The city has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, culture and cuisine. Gurgaon is well known for the kingdom of dreams. This place is foremost to provide a live entertainment zone. Many malls, parks, temples, and lakes are the center of attraction here. Along with financial opportunities, it provides different entertainment sources.

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Also, people enjoy luxurious dining, shopping, and nightlife. Famous places to visit are Appu Ghar- a beach-themed water park, Damdama lake for refreshing yourself, and MGF mall for a variety of brands.

New Business Capital

The deprivation of resources and space crunch in IT-based cities have led to the development of new business capital, Gurgaon after Mumbai. The availability of land and resources are captivating factors. Most startups and multinational companies are opening their branches here. These crucial factors have led to the expansion of Gurgaon and escalated its contribution to economic growth.

The increasing number of companies and startups have boosted the employment opportunities and changed the scenario of the city from rugs to raise.

Prominent Hospital Facilities

Gurgaon enjoys being in the limelight of the country. The city is mainly known for its IT hub and infrastructure. Along with this, Gurgaon also specializes in hospital facilities. The use of the latest technology for treatment is a dominating feature for these hospitals. Also, they ensure comfortable living for the guests and patients.


metro transportation in gurgaon

Over the years, public transit has been polished up. A lot of investments were made to make roads wider. Recently, metro connectivity has been provided to ease citizens. Transportation of products and traveling of employees have been made easier. the key factor of installing metros was to save crucial time for working-class individuals.

Social Impacts

The crowd of Gurgaon is highly paid and advanced. So, the lifestyle has been impacted. The youth prefer luxury hotels and restaurants. The family background is more influential in this case. all the factors that have led to the development of Gurgaon have shown a great pact on residents’ lifestyle. It also effects the people migrating to this city.

There’s a lot more that this city has to offer. Along with the resources and technology, there’s much more to the place that makes its identity as a millenium city.

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